HyphaMESH is a deployable that will take your network beyond the edge of your traditional terrestrial network boundaries. Utilizing any Wi-Fi enabled existing and future network equipment, HyphaMESH extends that connectivity over many miles.

HyphaCAP or Communications Access Point is a a lightweight, portable device that combines COFDM mesh and Wi-Fi technologies to enable users to connect smart devices, sensors and cameras in environments that defeat radio and cellular communications. Simple one button operation, 12 hours operation and hot swappable battery in a rugged IP67 hand held form factor.

HyphaMAP or Mobile Access Point is a lightweight device designed to be fitted to a vehicle, building or Drone/Unmanned Apparatus. It combines mesh and Wi-Fi technologies to enable users to connect smart devices, sensors and cameras in environments that defeat radio and cellular communications. Simple operation designed to take 10-32 VDC with external connections for high gain Wi-Fi, GPS and dual ethernet ports.

HyphaREX or Range Extension Kit is a grab and go deployable in a lightweight Pelican Air carry on luggage case. A compact, deployable solution designed for emergency responders to create a pop-up mesh network and extend coverage for Wi-Fi enabled devices to the edge of current networks in less than one minute. HyphaREX comprises three HyphaCAP, one HyphaMAP including FirstNET ready Cradlepoint Router and high gain antennas.

HyphaMESH has been designed as a one touch MESH network available for use in under 1 minute. If you can use your phone or other wi-Fi enabled device to connect to a network you can use HyphaMESH…. It really is that simple.

HyphaMESH operates on the Public Safety Spectrum in the 4940-4990 MHz*

*Other frequencies may be available on request

HyphaMESH employs COFDM* RF technology in use globally today by advanced Law Enforcement Agencies and Defence organisations. AES256 encryption comes as standard with no hidden licences or costly add ons required. *COFDM = In coded orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (COFDM), forward error correction (convolutional coding) and time/frequency interleaving are applied to the signal being transmitted. This is done to overcome errors in mobile communication channels affected by multipath propagation and Doppler effects.

Yes. HyphaMESH can be easily configured over the air to operate on a defined centre frequency of your choice. RF Bandwidth is also user defined in steps between 2.5MHz and 10MHz. Mesh nodes make Adhoc, self forming, self healing, networks in a mobile environment and can automatically adapt its RF characteristics to ensure the best possible throughput is maintained.

A typical HyphaMESH network is capable of 56 Mbps.

HyphaMESH provides an IP backbone to connect devices and tools you already own. HyphaMESH has been designed to be completely agnostic to any IoT device capable of connecting or using the internet… With no complicated integration. Our partners and customers like that the most difficult aspect is as simple as plugging in an ethernet cable or joining a Wi-Fi network.

When you purchase HyphaMESH products we do all the thinking for you. Everything you need is right there in the box including spare battery, desktop charger, vehicle charger, Antennas, ethernet cable and clip on Carabiner. There are no expensive licence addons, no expensive hardware addons and free software to do your own pre-programming if you haven’t already asked us to do it for you. Don’t want to use software? Then just use your favourite internet browser via the HyphaMESH IP address to access the onboard Graphical User Interface. Have a large fleet or want automation? Then use our Server based management software.

The HyphaCAP has an overall run time of 12 hours. The 12 hours is achieved by an internal 6 hour rechargeable battery and an external clip on rechargeable battery. It also comes with an additional spare clip on battery allowing for first in its class hot swappable capability.

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