Hypha forms a complete critical ecosystem of communication solutions that take multi-bearer connectivity from the core to the edge, while enabling a platform of applications and capabilities that allow agencies and enterprises to be safer and more effective in their operations. Hypha provides intelligent connections for mission critical communications in Public Safety. We value innovation and the advancement of satellite communication with a focus on design, development and implementation. Inspired by progress, we are driven to supply evolving communication and technology solutions with efficient service.


HyphaMESH solutions offer an IP transparent network, based on the COFDM waveform, that can operate independently or integrate back to a central core or wider network. This extends coverage for WiFi or Bluetooth enabled devices, sensors and cameras into challenging environments such as back country, urban or underground areas of operation. The COFDM mesh network is software defined and operates at 4.9GHz with data rates up to 56Mbps. The elements of the HyphaMESH solution are the HyphaCAP, HyphaNODE and HyphaPTT units, along with the application layer that they enable.


HyphaSATPTT – A hybrid Push-To-Talk (PTT) system that leverages radio, cellular and satellite into a single multi-bearer network. In a vehicle-mounted or static configuration, this provides least-cost routed voice and data over an advanced bearer management system in our cloud-based infrastructure, giving a cost-effective solution for communications when – and where – you need it.

HyphaSATPTT solution
HyphaFUSION solution

HyphaFUSION – Builds on the HyphaSATPTT solution by creating a “Vehicle as a Hub” through allowing all bearers to be managed through the radio control head. This Hub acts as a repeater and allows users to remain connected and use their portable radio terminals or smart devices while away from the vehicle while still able to pass ID, Emergency and Location back to their console or dispatcher.


HyphaCONNECT – Provides interconnectivity between the HyphaSATPTT solution and LMR core networks, including P25 and DMR. Incorporating HyphaCONNECT to the HyphaFUSION solution means ID, Emergency and Location of both vehicles and individuals are presented directly to the console or dispatcher. This solution creates global coverage for existing networks by allowing the user to appear as a native element of the existing radio network regardless of their location or the bearer they are currently using.


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