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A hybrid Push-To-Talk (PTT) system, similar in operation to a conventional or trunked radio network, that leverages existing Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks, cellular (LTE) and satellite (SAT) into a single multi-bearer network. This will allow a user to extend their existing terrestrial network to ensure global coverage without additional infrastructure to build or maintain. It also provides a smart “least cost” broadband data connectivity across the multi bearer environment. Integrating seamlessly into existing LMR networks both user equipment, and core integration options, it is the perfect option to cost effectively extend your radio network to any coverage area without building infrastructure. Utilising existing terrestrial networks where available and leveraging mobile satellite your network will have the coverage and reach required to keep all users connected anywhere.

HyphaSATPTT integrates to analogue or digital LMR networks to ensure you can get the most out of your current investment, filling the gaps, or assisting with a migration to alternative networks, or simply adding mobile data options to your fleet. Using L Band satellite you are always available and connected, even as you evolve from a voice only network to a data-rich APP and MDT capable system. HyphaSATPTT advanced Bearer Management System uses the most cost-effective network, while maintaining a constant connection that will not drop critical data. Using a proprietary least-cost-routing mechanism, it provides a multi-bearer connection for your unlimited number of Talk Groups, as well as other devices that require connectivity to your private network or the internet.

HyphaSATPTT also has the ability to perfectly integrate to existing LMR radios and core networks using HyphaFUSION and HyphaCONNECT.

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