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An extension of the HyphaSATPTT solution that takes it to the next level, by integrating a mobile radio into any vehicle. The solution enables the user to use their digital mobile radio anywhere with HyphaFUSION managing the switching between a ‘radio talk group or channel’ and a ‘satellite talk group’. It turns a vehicle into a ‘mobile repeater’, this allows multiple users to have voice communications away from the vehicle using their portable radio providing voice, ID, Duress and GPS location.

This solution extends an existing radio network, offers least-cost-routed voice and mobile data, anywhere on the planet. HyphaFUSION has seamless integration connections over LMR, LTE or SAT via our cloud-managed infrastructure that integrates into your core system. It provides a single control head integration with P25 or DMR radios, bringing all the elements together managed directly on the radio itself. This allows the use of an existing radio in the vehicle, regardless of whether you’re using LMR, LTE or satellite with seamless connectivity to your core network.

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